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Do NOT Do This!

I admit it, this is one of the dumb things that I would have done when I was a kid. However, the guy in the upper left is an adult and I assume the father of the child jumping. The adult was also jumping. The bridge is high enough to clear a sailboat mast and there is a narrow channel cut to clear the keel. But deep enough to safely jump into it isn’t. There is cement structure in the water as well as large boulders. Someone is going to be seriously hurt doing this and that is why the South Jordan Police want the activity stopped.


I watched these two jump twice each before the lake host caught them. Jumping from the bridges is an automatic invite to leave Oquirrh Lake and never return. The bridges and lake are private property with limited access granted to the general public. Kennecott has notified the city of South Jordan that they will press trespassing charges against those caught in the area after dark, swimming in the lake, jumping from bridges, and other more serious violations of the limited access they have granted.


As noted earlier, the South Jordan Police wants this activity stopped. It is against the law and citations are given to multiple offenders.


This is a hazardous activity that can get very expensive and put you before a criminal court judge. I recommend that you go to the public pool and play on the diving boards instead.


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Taken on August 3, 2012