Skeletal Aspirations

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    In Volcano Natl. Park on Hawaii there's a little trail through an area of cinder called Desolation Trail. The hills in this photo were formed in 1959, I believe .The "tree" in the foreground (and a few other scraps of wood here and there) is pretty much all that's left of the vegetation that grew there prior to the eruption. The little bushes dotting the hills are relatively new.

    It's a really desloate place. We did see some animal life, however: a family of wild Nene -- the Hawaii state bird. It was bitter sweet.

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    1. newfolkways 98 months ago | reply

      Stark, dude!!

    2. tin type 98 months ago | reply

      Wow Jack, flippin' incredible! How and where??

    3. jaxxon 98 months ago | reply

      Like totally, Newfolk Way. :)

      Thanks, David. I added a "Description" to the photo, above. :)

    4. say.wikki 98 months ago | reply

      Oh my goodness, that is wierd; but interesting!

    5. jaxxon 98 months ago | reply

      Weird but true.

    6. soozika 98 months ago | reply

      Love it!
      I also thought of Dalí.

    7. tin type 98 months ago | reply

      Soozika: Did you know this? say.wikki is my wife, jaxxon is my nephew, and newfolkways is my sister!!!!

    8. soozika 98 months ago | reply

      I had a hunch about wikki being your wife and newfolkways "sort of knowing you" in some way, but I didn't know about jaxxon! Well hello - that's neat! Sort of meeting you under a dread tree! :)

    9. tin type 98 months ago | reply

      Personally, I love trees, dead or alive.

      I think it was Jackson that got all of us involved, but of course we all liked photography before, but without doing much about it.

      I remember when I was in high school I used to buy German photography magazines and saved them. I've always loved it.

    10. soozika 98 months ago | reply

      ... oh, I made a typo - I meant dead of course! I also love trees in all shape and form, blooming or withering. Especially dead ones if they are presented like the one above!

      Similar here - always liked it, but didn't pursue it much until I got a digital camera.

    11. jaxxon 98 months ago | reply

      Thanks for hangin' under the natty natty tree of dread. Not a hangin' tree, mind you... but a tree where you might hang out. Except that it doesn't provide much shade.

      Yes.. Flickr has become quite the family thang.... for which I am most grateful! :)

    12. newfolkways 97 months ago | reply

      Yes, Jagzone, little plants around are newly sprouting in the cinder drifts and elsewhere in clefts in the lava flows.
      Soozika, it's been fun to read your comments.
      Heckabies is also in the mini-clan. And there are others...!

    13. soozika 97 months ago | reply

      ... now there's a challenge! :)

    14. Guillaume Cingal 83 months ago | reply

      It verges on abstraction. Nice !

      ... seen on
      1-2-3 group

    15. G u i d o 83 months ago | reply

      I like the minimalism
      >>>seen on 1-2-3 group

    16. * Garron Nicholls * 83 months ago | reply

      Great simplicity - really draws the viewer in...


    17. jaxxon 83 months ago | reply

      Thanks for all the great comments! :)

    18. @DeeInna 37 months ago | reply

      congrats on explore for this beautiful image....

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