201707 Jaf Air - VAGA Body & Multimedia Experimental Group 多媒體跨域身體實驗團體
The artist-in-residency exhibition “The Theory of Cinematic Body“ Kuo Ying Hsiu Solo Exhibition, displaying the video art works from early times till the current residency in Indonesia. Notion of curation and creativity will be set aside with the works exhibited in the kitchen, bedroom and reception room where the artist living in. This is a project as an experiment exhibiting and creating parallelly in the original space. “The Cinematic Body” is the “visualization of the body in presence” which indicates the relationship/ status formed through body field-reading and visualization of body and fields.

VAGA Body & Multimedia Experimental Group was founded in 2016. This is an “Embodying Places” project: a nomadic platform of artistic research exploring the possibilities of body as a tool to analyze the social fabric in different contexts. During residency in Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Greece and Indonesia, VAGA Body & Multimedia Experimental Group created theatre works and experiment film in these place. Filmmaker: Kuo Ying Hsiu (Taiwan) Choreographer/Dancer: Yang Liu (China)
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