Arch Linux: dwm, tmux & scratchpad

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    Finished off my Surfraw elvis for the Arch wiki

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    1. bollovan 94 months ago | reply

      Wow dude,I was never able to get dwm look so nice!
      Is there any way I can get your dwm.c and config.h?Because I always do something wrong when patching and it fails :|
      Thanks in advance!

    2. bollovan 94 months ago | reply

      Yeah you have your config.h there,but can you upload also your dwm.c,not .diff files?

    3. jasonwryan 94 months ago | reply

      Just use the .diff to patch against a vanilla 5.8.2-2. It works, trust me...

    4. are595 91 months ago | reply

      awesome stuff jason, I was wondering what what the program that looks to be a terminal in the upper right of your screen is, and how I can get my arch box looking like that :) (I haven't patched/edited the config of dmw yet either)

    5. jasonwryan 91 months ago | reply

      That's a (pretty basic) scratchpad - it is defined in my config.h

      I use a moderately patched dwm.c - there is a diff for the current version (5.9) in my repo here:

      The other stuff is a custom vim theme (miromiro), my tmux.conf and .Xresources - all of them in the repo. Have fun!

    6. are595 91 months ago | reply

      Thanks. So far I've started to set some stuff up using your repo.

      I patched the dwm I got from community/abs but I don't think makepkg used the src/ folder in it (because there are no colors). I think the config.h was added properly though.

      I was trying to get the scratchpad to work correctly too. I installed what I needed to (I think) but for some reason it looks strange (and doesn't have the formatting that you do. Also in .Xresources I had to change the asterisks to periods to get the scrollbar to disappear).

      Do you have any guidance? Thanks. (EDIT: I fixed the font issue:

    7. jasonwryan 91 months ago | reply

      Your colours look fine (insofar as you aren't using a status script that will display anything other than bg and selected). Also, not sure what formatting your are referring to around the scratchpad, mine just has the border highlighted as it is selected. Other than refining the position, it looks as it should. Nice work!

    8. are595 91 months ago | reply

      Oh, I was thinking mail was supposed to be red. ////As for the scratchpad, I was referring to how yours says [Archer] [~] and then has the connecting line down, and was wondering how I could achieve that.//// (EDIT: Realized it was clever, very clever :D Thanks again, :D

      Also, sorry, how do you switch between windows when in web?

      Also, how do I tell if dwm was compiled with the new stuff correctly?

      Double thanks OTL.

    9. jasonwryan 91 months ago | reply

      Mail is in red because there is an urgent hint in that tag (I have new mail): see here:

      The [Archer] is my PS1 - it's in my .bashrc

      I'm not sure I understand what you mean by switching windows when in web. To move to another tag I either Modkey+{1-4} or, as I have patched in cycle, Modkey+{Left,Right}.

      If dwm compiles without errors, then it is working. It is a delightfully simple wm.

    10. are595 91 months ago | reply

      Sorry, I mean if you had two browser windows open (in the same tag of "web"), how would you switch between them?

      (Also, in the .Xresources file, why are some URxvt*urgentOnBell, and some URxvt.urgentOnBell. Star vs Asterisk.)

      Also, do you use a wallpaper rotator?

    11. jasonwryan 91 months ago | reply

      I run Vimprobable2 in tabbed, so I can switch between instances (tabs) with Ctrl-{Left,Right} or Ctrl-Tab.

      See here:

      For detail on Urxvt, please read the Arch wiki. It is explained there in more detail than I can manage here.

      No, I set my wallpaper with feh and I don't see it often enough to need to rotate it.

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