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Lilac-breasted roller

Lilac-breasted roller performs a wonderful courtship flight, with fast and shallow dive from very high elevation, with rolling or fast rocking motion. It actually breeds “on the wing”.

It is monogamous. It is partly migratory bird, but it is sedentary in some areas. They live in pairs or small groups, but this bird is often seen alone.

Lilac-breasted Roller perches on dead tree to survey the area, searching for prey. It also preys on animals fleeing from bush fires.

To feed, it swoops down from a high perch close to the prey, and as it eats the insect on the ground, or it returns to its perch to batter it before swallowing it whole.

Lilac-breasted Roller is strongly territorial, chasing many species from the nest site, and still after breeding season. It also defends small feeding areas.


Wildlife photography, artwork and graphic editing from Jason Wharam Photography.

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Taken on September 30, 2011