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Vintage Hot Tamales box - Hot Tamales Kid doll offer - front and back - 1971

This one is special for me, and I'm so glad I finally have it to share here on Flickr.


I'm a big Hot Tamales fan, as is evident by my Flickr icon. I've been searching for any vintage Hot Tamales boxes for some time, and I've finally tracked one down. I had to do a bit of Ebay battling for it, but I won it, and I'm so jazzed to have it.


Making it especially cool is the side flap offer for the plush Hot Tamales guy. Not too long ago, Waffle Whiffer (I think) tipped me off to an Ebay auction for one of the stuffed HT guys offered, and I won it. So I have the premium to match this box. It's also cool to know exactly how one obtained the stuffed version of the kid.


I've been thinking for some time that I'd like to gather images of as many of the Just Born candy boxes as I can, as I'd like to write an article about them. This is a great start to that effort.


If anyone has any boxes they'd be willing to share scans of with me of Just Born candies (Mike & Ikes, Cool Kids, Root-T-Toot, Jolly Joes, etc), please get in touch. I'm looking for even late 90's items, as they've done a lot of specialty Mike & Ike products that have only been available for limited times.

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Taken on August 1, 2007