Beich's Laffy Taffy Banana candy wrapper - 1980's 1990's

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    This Laffy Taffy individual wrapper is most likely from the 1980's, but it might fall into the 90's. Too bad it doesn't sport the mascot.

    1. JasonLiebig 54 months ago | reply

      Back before they became Laffy, here's a trio of Beich's individual taffy wrappers (from the 1970's):

    2. Waffle Whiffer 54 months ago | reply

      I've got one like this but with the sunglasses-wearing banana mascot.

    3. djruden 54 months ago | reply

      pics please?

    4. Pops1884 34 months ago | reply

      I know these were around in around '84 - '86. This... is my all time favorite candy. Banana Laffy Taffy, in the little squares. They were 5c each. I used to go down to the little store down the street and spend like half my money on these alone. I would munch these all the way thru Magnum PI. Awesomeness.
      They were kept in the store in this clear plastic jar-type container. One time, I just said screw it, and grabbed the whole thing, took it up and plopped it on the counter in front of Salim (the guy that owned the store, whose car I probably single-handedly payed for with all my candy eating), and asked "How much for this whole thing?" His eyes got big for a moment, and then he just shook his head and said "Five bucks."
      I slapped down a 5 and walked out, triumphant. Got home. My granma said "My God, grandson. You can't eat all of those at once, you'll get sick on the stomach."
      And.... of course.... I took that to be a challenge. I did indeed NOM and smack and chew and chaw and munch, oh my God it was awesome. All thru the Love Boat, Magnum, Facts of Life, Kate & Ally, etc etc.
      I finally had them all gone by about 11pm that night. I did not get sick. I had become so powerful with the Sweet Side of the Force, that I was invulnerable to the usual insulin shock, glucose overload, acid reflux, and resistant to the sugar coma that would surely have overwhelmed one not skilled in the ways of the Sweet Side. It became Legend on Delaware Street. All my friends were both shocked and horrified. I had become a Candy Jedi Master.
      And this is why, for me anyway, the little square version will always be the real Laffy Taffy. The long stick style they have now is okay, but there's just not as much old school ritual involved. And it tears up too much, whereas these square wrappers could be gracefully unwrapped, and each corny joke clearly read and groaned at, as intended.

    5. ib2silly 26 months ago | reply

      Thank you for having this picture!! I was able to prove that I WAS RIGHT about these being square at one point and not the sticks!! =)

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