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Young Ring-Tailed Lemur

Young Lemurs will ride on the back of their mothers once they are over 1-2 weeks old (they hang on underneath when they are younger). This group was playing and jumping around but still the young one had no problem hanging on. At one point he stretched out to grab some fruit with his back feet still on his mothers back. He finally gave in and sat on the ground to enjoy his treat only to jump on mom's back as soon as he was done.


The ring-tailed lemur is the most recognized lemur due to its long, black and white ringed tail. They are highly social, living in groups of up to 30 individuals. They are also female dominant, a trait common among lemurs. To keep warm and reaffirm social bonds, groups will huddle together. The ring-tailed lemur will also sunbathe, sitting upright facing its underside, with its thinner white fur towards the sun.


Copyright © 2012, Jason Idzerda

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Taken on April 22, 2012