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    1. Jeff Sandquist ages ago | reply

      maybe authors aren't publishing the stories themselves anymore? (they still write them)

    2. Andrew Cornett ages ago | reply

      Yea, that's a little odd ... ?

    3. jasoncalacanis ages ago | reply

      just heard that AOL is having bloggers blog for free. i'm in shock.

    4. skyvanman ages ago | reply

      It is because they aren't getting paid!

    5. Gudlyf ages ago | reply

      This is not true -- AOL is not asking bloggers to post for free. However, those posters are not being paid.

      Jason -- If you want more details you can email me directly.

      - Keith of TV Squad

    6. doctor paradox ages ago | reply

      the bloggers volunteered of their own accord; AOL didn't outright ask them to blog for free.

      not that it makes this shit-storm any less obnoxious.

    7. jasoncalacanis ages ago | reply

      wow.... that is huge of the Weblogs, Inc. bloggers... shows how classy and dedicated to the brand they are.

      What does it say about AOL that they would let folks work for free and not pay the $10 a post ?

    8. Michael Yurechko ages ago | reply

      Working for free? wow. I wouldn't even do that. I demand my paycheck each month from every site I work for.

    9. bryceroney ages ago | reply

      Well, it's a round up post - so obviously they shouldn't be paid for just regurgitating what happened that week.

    10. Michael T. Rose ages ago | reply

      I wish I could comment on this, but I can't.

    11. sean percival ages ago | reply

      Time to buy it back buddy, you should of known AOL would kill your baby.

    12. joelfreak ages ago | reply

      Not to claim its not true, but why WOULD someone work for free? Are they getting stock or something?

    13. jfull15 ages ago | reply

      @joelfreak no. it's because they love what they do, and will continue to support their blog. They also want to deliver content to their readers.

    14. jasoncalacanis ages ago | reply

      Looks like AOL has changed positions--or there was some confusion about it--on letting bloggers blog for free during the blog freeze... that's right thing to do.

      Update: We spoke with Victor Agreda, Jr., Programming Manager of AOL-owned Weblogs Inc. (which owns TUAW) about the situation. He says that all Weblogs authors are going to be paid, and that Erica Sadun (the author of the post mentioned) likely chose to use the generic TUAW Blogger alias for personal reasons. He says that other authors writing under the same alias are being paid their normal flat fee.

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