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Dear Diary: I love you

I've seen this graffiti around Ottawa twice today, so I thought I'd snap a shot of it tonight. When I saw it earlier in the day, I thought to myself "Yes, this is the kind of graffito I'd always wanted to see or make myself. To actually give a message other than just tagging something". Not that my idea was ever so thoughtful (I thought I'd go around and spraypaint jokes, at least something entertaining).


But here it is. I've seen it in at least two places now. I hope to see it more often. God knows we all need it. You can't hear those words often enough.


Today was my Statistics exam. Until Monday, I didn't know a single thing about the course, even though I'd been attending lectures and copying notes the whole term. The professor was atrocious. He probably knew his material, but he had such a thick accent that all my effort was spent trying to decipher his linguistic stumblings that I couldn't absorb the material. Or maybe I'm making excuses for myself. Either way, this week I sat down with the text and taught it to myself. I'm usually not any good at this sort of thing. When it comes to exams, and studying, I'm among the worst. Usually I'll say "Well, I just don't know this material. I'll fail." But for some reason this term, I've had some actual determination for exams.


I don't know if I passed this Statistics course. My performance through the term was pretty terrible. I definitely passed the exam. It went about as well as it could have gone (it was identical to the Practice exam except with different numbers. Ace!), so I definitely passed that part. Not with flying colours, but a pass.


I'd been studying so much the last few days that last night I dreamt all in probabilities. I can't really explain it any more than that so I won't. Though at one point in my slumber I crafted a very clever joke about the exam. When I awoke, I'd forgotten it. But I'm usually good at bringing back lost dream memories, so I eventually figured it out. ("At one point during my Statistics exam someone tried to slip me the answers but I was all like 'NEVER TELL ME THE ODDS'"). Not bad for the product of a dream.


I saw "Black Swan" tonight. It was intense, dark, twisted, very erotic, and very deep. I loved it.


Tomorrow I see Rebekah Higgs in concert. She's not very popular but I like her music, and I've seen her a few times before. She reminds me of home.


Sunday night I'm seeing Tron in IMAX. I can't wait. I love me some Jeff Bridges, and that he's in two movies within a week of each other just makes me so happy.

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Taken on December 18, 2010