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Tomorrow Will Just Be More of The Same

I know right off the bat a lot of people are going to not like this because it is crooked. I took this shot at a second glance and had to be quick about it (which those that know me know I am terrible at) before they noticed me and the mood changed. I did straighten it in Photoshop, but it seemed to lose some of the feeling it had not being straight, so I left it the way it is.


This poor guy was just sitting there looking at his food doing nothing. He looked so tired and run down, but this is such a common sight here and is the very reason I thought I should start shooting these kind of scenes. I forget exactly where this was, but I was somewhere in Ginza with Hunter and Alfie at the time.


As of late I have been on a discover new music kick. I usually go in and out of it every couple of months. Find a bunch of good stuff and listen to it and get bored of it and then go on the hunt again. I by chance saw the new Saori Yano album called "BEBOP at the SAVOY." I think I might of heard about her several years ago about her being a kind of a child super star of jazz, but never got around to giving her a listen. Well, I gave the first few tracks a listen in the store and was blown away. I thought the title Bebop At The Savoy was just a title and wasn't really a fresh new Bebop style of jazz album, but it was! I didn't end up buying it that day because I wanted to give it a full check out before buying since CDs here are anywhere from $25 - $30. I tried to find it for download in the usual places, but nobody had it. I ended up going back and buying it since it seemed worthy of the risk. I can say that I don't regret it at all. Check it out if you can. I am not sure, but from a quick Google search it seems to be a Japan only release, but I could be wrong.


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Taken on January 20, 2010