• They gave us this shirt at the Google I/O. It was suppose to read in binary "Google IO," but was misprinted and ended up saying Google KO. The second to the last line should of read 01001001 instead of 01001011. :^B

My "Interesting S.F. Restroom Shot"

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Inspired by many of j_boogie's restroom mirror shots in interesting restrooms around S.F. I wanted to take one myself.

Sorry that the shot is crooked. My friend wanted to do a tour of the Anchor Steam Brewery, but we woke up late and didn't have time for breakfast, so we went there on empty stomachs. After the tour you get to try a glass of every beer they offer. (I think it was 5 or 6) Needless to say we were pretty buzzed after that. We walked to The Connecticut Yankee which is where I took this picture and got some food.

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  1. innsanitaria 83 months ago | reply



  2. alvelynalko 83 months ago | reply

    YES COLORS!!!!!!!!! i like your shirt!!

  3. Jersey Yen 83 months ago | reply

    yeah, i inspirited by Jenster a lot about these mirror shots. how was your journey there?! i bet that you guys must had fun, if we were there, that meaned so much fun. grrr hehe~

  4. Jason_Combs 83 months ago | reply

    insanitaria: Thanks! =)

    alvelynalko: Yeah, I liked it in there too and I am pretty stoked on the shirt as well. =)

    Jersey: I had a really good time. I was pretty busy with the Google stuff, and Charlie and Jen had to work, so we didn't get to hang out until Friday and then we never took any pictures together. Oh well....

    I am sure I will be out there again and I am going to try and go to the Google I/O again next year. Fun stuff!

  5. Jersey Yen 83 months ago | reply

    I have no idea hoe the Google stuff is. grr
    Didn't you guys see each other?!

  6. Jason_Combs 83 months ago | reply

    I was at this for two days. Then I think Charlie and Jen were busy, so we hanged out on Friday night, but Charlie was tired from working all day, so he went home after a few drinks which I think made him even more tired. (my fault). =P

  7. Ken aloha 83 months ago | reply

    hey, my dear bro!!!! it is really sad to hear jersey said you can' t go to fuji rock this year!! but on the other hand, it' s very important for you to make an offer of marriage with you girlfriend. so enjoy your time, and
    we' ll see each other very soon, i promise:D hug hug!!!!

  8. Jason_Combs 83 months ago | reply

    Maybe we can still meet up in Japan. It's just the weekend of Fuji Rock where I have to be at her parents'. I am pretty sure I am free during the week. How long are you going to be in Japan for?

  9. vanessasu 83 months ago | reply

    you are in SF? you should have come a month earlier

  10. Jason_Combs 83 months ago | reply

    Yeah I was, but I am back at work now. It would of been fun to hang out, but I didn't even know I was going out there until about two weeks ago.

  11. Urbsters 83 months ago | reply

    ooh i want a shot like this too. hope you had a fun mini trip to SF

  12. Jason_Combs 83 months ago | reply

    Yeah, I don't know what it is about S.F. businesses, but they seem more often than not to have a decorated restroom.

    My trip was fun. I had a good time. =)

  13. jennaaaye 83 months ago | reply

    hey jason, cool bathroom shot! :D

    and i hope you had fun in SF! sorry i've been so busy the last few days and havent had a chance to get back to you. but yeah i moved early (unplanned and unwillingly) and had to pretty much pack everything in one day. anyways, hopefully the next time you visit we'll get to hang out more! you guys liked that club i took you right? and duuude, i can probably take the title for being the worst pool player, ever. lol

  14. Jason_Combs 83 months ago | reply

    Yeah, we had a lot of fun. Learned a lot of stuff to apply to our project etc. That sucks so bad that you had to unwillingly move. Did you get to move into the place you wanted to?

    That club you took us too was super fun. The DJ that was on in the back when we first got there was awesome. Old School Hip-Hop from the early to mid 90's is the best. =) Nick was awesome! He kept buying us Rum & Cokes that basically didn't have any Coke in them. =P After that we got to talk to a group outside that performed earlier and got some feedback about what we are trying to do exchanged cards etc. Good stuff! =)

    I hope everything is cool with your move. I think I hate moving more than anything in the whole world. I am not looking forward to the actual act of moving myself at some point in the not so distant future, but the place I am going makes it worth it. =)

    You weren't that bad at pool. I just don't think you have played much. A friend in high school had one with a really nice bar at his parents' house whom were never home, so it was the place to hang out when there was nothing to do back in the day. I don't think I am that great at it, but I have experience at it. =P

  15. schlitzy 83 months ago | reply

    I remember that basement. You almost died there. Good times.

    Nice hair.

  16. Jason_Combs 83 months ago | reply

    To this day I still don't like the taste of vodka. =(

  17. abragad 83 months ago | reply

    Oh, thanks for the t-shirt explanation!

  18. Jason_Combs 83 months ago | reply

    No problem. =)

  19. Rooted. 82 months ago | reply

    Very coool shot.:)

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