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    The Sakura Bloom wasn't so good here this year, but the Cranapple Trees looked nice. =)

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    The Sea And Cake - Crossing Line

    1. Jersey Yen 84 months ago | reply

      how are you?! I saw your msg on my mail from facebook. seems you're not happy, are you?! tell me what happened! you're the happiest person I've ever seen. cheer up my buddy!!!!

      oooh, this shot is absolutely gorgeous! you did a great job with your lca!!! ;)))

    2. Jason_Combs 84 months ago | reply

      No, I am fine. Sad Haruka left though. Just kind of bored and you seem busy lately, so I thought you were up to something. =) Didn't you go on a trip recently? Where did you go?

    3. Jersey Yen 84 months ago | reply

      hullo my dear, haha, you don't have to feel sad. you two will see each other for a long time in your life.
      I went back to my hometown last week. I'm not that busy this week, just hang out with friends who are leaving tw very soon, and design my next leather bag. so I went shopping a lot for it. I have lots things to do but without work hehe and don't online very often. sometimes check my email, then offline.
      I found some nice places, and I'm gonna show you when you are here. ;)))

    4. Jersey Yen 84 months ago | reply

      I'm gonna go to bed, I'll check your reply later!
      have a gooooooood day hot boy!!! :D

    5. Jason_Combs 84 months ago | reply

      I think I am ok. I just live alone, so during the week pretty much I don't see anyone outside of work since when I come home I go out and ride my bike or swim, and then it is close to the time I go to bed. I guess I am just lonely some what. I am going to a friend's birthday party tomorrow night so that's going to be fun, and I am going to ride bikes with a friend in a few minutes, so that is cool too. I just need more fun during the week, but even if there was fun to be had, I need to make time for it.

      I will totally come there. Especially for what you and Ken were telling me about. I am totally down for that. =)

      Take care my beautiful friend and get some sleep. You stay up soooo late. =P

    6. kouryo [deleted] 84 months ago | reply

      Hiho, I don't want to disturb you both :-D I just like the sakura picture ... :-)

    7. Jason_Combs 84 months ago | reply

      Ha ha! It's not Sakura, it's Cranapple Trees. =)

    8. kouryo [deleted] 84 months ago | reply


    9. Jersey Yen 84 months ago | reply

      it's raining so hard here. unfortunately it's my day off today. sigh, I wanna go out for something fun.

    10. Jason_Combs 83 months ago | reply

      Me too! It's supose to be really nice here this weekend, and then Monday is a holiday and it's suppose to be 27C and sunny! =) Then tuesday I am off work for the rest of the week to go to S.F. for the Google I/O! =))) Fun times are ahead for me. =)

      How is everything with you my friend? =)

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