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Yes,I'm here...:)Higibald!

Euthanasia or?

Four veterinarian say yes,I say no...


Cats as a rule, have a very strong gene pool. Birth defects are very rare. However, x-rays were taken during the first week, and it was discovered that this kitten had problems.His hind legs, although having feeling in them, were limp, mis-shapen...There seemed to be very little muscle attachment to any structure that could allow coordination of leg movement. The rest of the body was considered normal, except for a slight enlargement of the heart. Over the next week or two, it became apparent that the kitten did not know that he was "handicapped". When let out of the box which he was usually kept in, he easily and quickly moved himself across smooth floors. He does not acknowledge that he is dysfunctional in any way. His growth is following a normal pattern. He loves to play. He especially loves to chase shadows, bat and chase rolled up pieces of paper, and the plastic ties that hold bags shut.He has learned to climb up and down steps that are carpeted, and can climb up onto furniture that is covered with cloth! He jumps down from chair seats, purrs a lot and likes to play with people. He is happy to be alive and to be loved by many friends...


Now he is almost normal!:)He is may little miracle...:)


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Taken on June 20, 2008