• The shadow is way cool! :-) - trondjs
  • That's a great jump! :-) - trondjs
  • He is a very agile and fit young man! (Even though he is only 15 I don't feel I can describe him as a boy any more...)


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My eldest son has reached a stage where he is very self concious in front of a camera. (Not a good thing with me around!) I have discovered that he is more than happy though if I ask him to do something. I mentioned some pictures I have seen on Flickr of people jumping, and he approached this with a huge amount of enthusiasm!

Taken at Rutland Water, one of the largest reservoirs in England.

See where this picture was taken. [?]

I also just realised that this is my 500th flickr photo!

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  1. wishymom (Stephanie Wallace Photography) ages ago | reply

    Awesome action stopping shot!!! (If only we could see the shadow a bit better). Glad he's willing to do this for you! My kids have become used to me always taking their pictures and making them pose.

  2. Leeanne munn ages ago | reply

    nice jump!!! cool shot, love his hair too! :-)))

  3. northern_flickr [deleted] ages ago | reply

    Cool shot and great (red)hair! My son absolutely hates getting his picture taken too.

  4. _maverick_ [deleted] ages ago | reply

    this is brilliant, for some reason i was convinced that there had to be flash involved but it seems not..nice work:)

  5. The Dread Pirate Betty ages ago | reply

    nice air! very cool pose/jump

  6. drumtoo ages ago | reply

    love the black shirt on blue sky...
    but yes, the hair and his expression make it.
    great persuasive skills :)

  7. AnnaMarie777 [deleted] ages ago | reply

    Excellent shot!
    Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

  8. Jasmic ages ago | reply

    Well, good morning all :-) Thanks for all of the kind comments.

    I that seeing more of the shadow would have been good wishymom. The thing is that to get the shot I am lying down in a ditch that my son was attempting to jump over, I need to get a wider lens I think. (Something else to add to my ever growing Flickr shopping list :-)

    Ha ha - I shall tell him that you approve Leeanne :-)

    maverick, do you know something, I was so wrapped up in the fact that he was actually letting me take his picture that I completely forgot to even consider using flash. I also forgot to adjust the ISO settings, 400 was a little excessive for the light conditions. Oh well... Also as much as I love my (now dated) EOS 300D, I hate the flash that comes on it, and I have never got round to buying something half decent.

    The Dread Pirate Betty, you win the prize for the best user name on the page! :-) (I went to see Pirates 3 last weekend, and I totally disagree with the critics, it was superb!)

    drumtoo, the funny thing is I love the expression too, but he hated it!

  9. modowd ages ago | reply

    Haha, great! Kinda' looks like he's jumping tree-to-tree.

    I like this shot a lot, for many of the reasons already mentioned above.

    (I'm also pining for a 10mm lens... or even a 50mm...)

    Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

  10. trondjs ages ago | reply

    Very cool "action" shot, I like the overall composition of it, too! :-)
    Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    You are MY WINNER!
    Please add this photo to
    Invited with SIC

  11. Jasmic ages ago | reply

    Ha ha - the composition was a pure fluke. To be honest I wanted to find somewhere without any trees, but in this part of England that was virtually impossible. My recent images of him jumping on a snowboard did show me that he needed some sky behind him though, which prompted my positioning.

    Never too old to learn...

  12. Britta's world of photos ages ago | reply

    Such a great idea for a photo. I like it a lot.

    And congrats on your 500th!!!

  13. Mihai-ela ages ago | reply

    great capture

  14. /\ltus ages ago | reply

    Haha; cool! Figure I've got a few years left yet in my boys ;-)

  15. Jasmic ages ago | reply

    Thanks Britta. I have slowed down how many images I post a day, as that way I can spend more time on them. looking after 500 pictures takes quite some time!

    bazbaz, thanks. I don't often take pictures like this so I am really pleased with it :-)

    /\ltus, I am sure that your kids will keep you fresh with all their antics as they grow up. It is still a shock when I look at him and wonder how come he is already so big and tall!

  16. PanGalacticGargleBlaster [deleted] ages ago | reply

    My little man has grown up into a tall man!

    Great shot bro.

  17. clarity25 ages ago | reply

    Great shot! I can't help but think of Jack be nimble..Jack be quick... Jack jumps over the candle stick:)

  18. Jasmic ages ago | reply

    Ha ha - and he is nimble, definitely quick, and Jack used to be my nick name :-)

  19. bangkok_diary ages ago | reply

    Lovely shot jasmic. Congrats to both of you. Its so nice that he enjoyes posing for you and I think he has a great expression in this pose. The best thing I like in this picture isthat Matt actually agreed to do this shoot !
    My son , will rarely accept to pose for me and most of the time he is not happy about the outcome : ) . He is definitely a better photographer than me.
    And yes, one day we look at the pictures and realize that they have grown so much !

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