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diffuse | by Jasmic
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Diffuse - The Dictionary of Image.


I am really pleased with how this has turned out. I took this image in a quiet moment at work. I was mixing up some agar mixed with indicator fluid, for an experiment with various molarities of acids. I noticed that the indicator fluid turned the nutrient agar mixture this bright green (acid then turns it pink) and thought it looked really interesting. Then I shook the McCartney bottles up to mix them, before autoclaving them, and thought this then looked even better.


The idea to add the definition of diffuse came to me in a sudden flash of inspiration, when I saw one of my contacts Dictionary of Image submissions, defining 'separation'. I just thought that this worked alongside it nicely.


The text was added with the Gimp, and the font is Andalus.


The definition is from the on-line dictionary service,




–verb (used with object) pour out and spread, as a fluid. spread or scatter widely or thinly; disseminate.

3.Physics. to spread by diffusion.

–verb (used without object) spread.

5.Physics. to intermingle by diffusion.


6.characterized by great length or discursiveness in speech or writing; wordy.

7.widely spread or scattered; dispersed.

8.Botany. widely or loosely spreading.

9.Optics. (of reflected light) scattered, as from a rough surface (opposed to specular).

[Origin: 1350–1400; ME (< AF) < L diffūsus spread, poured forth.]

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Taken on October 12, 2007