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Naka-no-hashi Bridge

Hama-rikyu Gardens, Tokyo – the family garden of the Tokugawa Shogun


The Edo Period pond was a tidal pond that depended on the intake of seawater from Edo Bay. The garden is a typical example of the famous gardens of the Edo Period.


In 1654, the younger brother of Ietsuna, the 4th Tokugawa Shogun (Matsudaira Tsunashige, the rule of Kofu) had part of the shallows filled in and built a residence on the reclaimed land that came to be called Kofu Hama-yashiki (Kofu “beach pavilion”). Later, Tsunashige’s son became the 6th Shogun, Ienobu, and this residence became the property of the Tokugawa family. At this time, the name of this residence and grounds was changed to “Hama-Goden” (Beach Palace). From that time onward, various Shoguns made changes to the garden.


The garden was finally finished at the time of the 11th Shogun, Ienari, and has remained basically the same down to present time.

After the Meiji Restoration, the garden became a Detached Palace for the Imperial family and the name became Hama Detached Palace, and was gifted by the Imperial family to the City of Tokyo in 1945.


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Taken on August 1, 2012