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The car alarm was going off continuously during the fire.

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  1. John Hamilton ages ago | reply

    Where was this taken?

  2. jaqian ages ago | reply

    Cabra. Happens alot around there. Scumbags steal the cars and burn them out usually beside the church (this is the back of the church). There was so much smoke I thought the church or school were on fire. I followed the smoke to see what was happening.

    Unfortunately the photo is blurred and only 640*480. I took this in "burst" mode on my phone, which takes four rapid photos but reduces their size. This is the best of the four and was shot through my car's windscreen. I didn't stick around too long inacse the engine went.

  3. RiftDweller ages ago | reply

    so you were saying the car was screaming to death while it slowly burnt to it's demise :*(

  4. jaqian ages ago | reply

    yeah :)

  5. Paddy Wack ages ago | reply

    Do these people realize how us car owners have to scrimp and save to get a set of wheels then the Goverment knocks us sideways with all the Taxes we have to pay, to give those scumbags a holiday in St Patricks Holiday Home

  6. Galway Nutter (Michelle) ages ago | reply

    They only get the holiday if they're caught though,which is extremely rare!

  7. jaqian ages ago | reply

    Paddy you are mistaking them for people who care... they don't. Whats worse is these fellas are looked up to be the younger kids in the area so you can see the next generation of joyriders being moulded before your eyes.

    I saw two cars one day, one put a flashing blue light on and the other chased it. They were playing cops and robbers with real cars! I don't think they were joyriders but its the same mindset.

    Here's a view of a car you don't see every day. Taken last year in Cabra.

  8. DigitalDonna9 [deleted] ages ago | reply

    Remind me not to drive my Sequioa over there!

  9. jaqian ages ago | reply

    :O you drive a tree? ;)

  10. Lord_of_the_Flies ages ago | reply

    Ha! Nice shot, but I wish it had more fire (i.e., move in).

    Sure, you could've been killed, but it would have been a fantastic lowres shot.

    -voted as "lose" (from the Diabolic Lovers of Low Res and Booze group)

  11. drivebybiscuits1 ages ago | reply

    more fire and brimstone lose2.. Does this happen a lot ? Why do they burn it after there joy ride or was it more than just a joy ride.
    Seen next to a fellow photo of DBOLRL: Shake 'em if you gottem. (?)

  12. nudiehead ages ago | reply

    Fuck yeah! action, fire! screaming alarms...!!!!!!!!!!
    -voted as "keep" (from the Cameraphone and Low Res DMU group)

  13. polly.jayne ages ago | reply

    Okay, maybe we'd have liked you to get nearer - but at least you stood in the middle of the road to get it, so it wasn't risk-free ;o)


  14. kiss kiss bang bang ages ago | reply

    the middle of the road, in this case, looks safer than the side of it.

    -voted as "lose3" (DBOLRL)

  15. BillyWarhol ages ago | reply


    voted as "keep3" (from the Diabolic Lovers of Low Res and Booze group)

  16. dmarsh451 ages ago | reply

    held it still and composed it nicely so you kept your wits about you.
    -voted as "keep4" (from the Cameraphone and Low Res DMU group)

  17. s2art ages ago | reply

    » at last some photojournalism here in DBOLRL

    -voted as "keep5" (from the Cameraphone and Low Res DMU group)

  18. that's MR. POPLABS ages ago | reply

    Hey cool! it's a car on fire...any sort of fire will probably earn a keep for me...and mainly for artistic high-culture reasons...please another martini.


  19. Lord_of_the_Flies ages ago | reply

    And so welcome, our second Irish member, to the Hardest Disk. Well done.

  20. jaqian ages ago | reply

    Thanks eveyone for your comments etc. Moved to the Hardest Disk :)

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