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Everyday Kanji week 24 - Air conditioner/heater remote control ③

運転 (unten) means “operation” and 停止 (teishi) means “stop”, so the yellow button is basically your ON/OFF button for the remote control.


The button to the left of that has the words 運転 (unten) and 切替 (kirikae). This is the button you press to switch between the different modes of operation. Among the choices are 冷房 (reibō, air conditioning), 暖房 (danbō, heater), 送風 (sōfū, which works like a fan), ドライ (dry, which dries up excess moisture in the room), etc.


運転 (unten) = operation

● 運 (un) = carry

● 転 (ten) = revolve


停止 (teishi) = stop

● 停 (tei) = stop

● 止 (shi) = halt


切換 (kirikae) = to switch

● 切 (kiri) = cut

● 換 (kae) = interchange


Sample Sentence:


Kono kōjō de wa, asa no roku-ji kara kikai ga unten shihajimemasu.

”The machines at this factory start operating from six in the morning.”


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Taken on December 11, 2009