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Everyday Kanji week 22 - Vending Machine ②

釣り切れ (tsurigire) = out of change


This phrase means “out of change” and can be broken down into two parts: 釣り (tsuri), meaning “change”, and 切れ (gire in this case), meaning “out of”. This word lights up when the vending machine is out of change. Here, we can see that the vending machine is out of 10-yen coins.


釣り切れ (tsurigire) = out of change

● 釣 (tsuri) = change

● 切 (gi(re)) = to cut


Sample Sentence:


Jūsu o jihanki de katte, o-tsuri o toriwasureta.

I bought some juice at the vending machine and forgot to take my change.

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Taken on December 2, 2009