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Everyday Kanji week 21 - Filling Out Forms at the Bank ④

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両替依頼書 (ryōgae iraisho) = money exchange form


This is the form to fill out when you want to exchange money at the bank. The word 両替 (ryōgae) is “exchanging money”, the word 依頼 (irai) means “request”, and the kanji 書 means “form” here.


両替依頼書 (ryōgae iraisho) = money exchange form


両替 (ryōgae) = exchange money

● 両 (ryō) = both

● 替 (gae) = change

依頼 (irai) = request

● 依 (i) = depend on

● 頼 (rai) = request


書 (sho) = form

● 書 (sho) = form



紙幣 (shihei) = paper bills

● 紙 (shi) = paper

● 幣 (hei) = cash


硬貨 (kōka) = coins

硬 (kō) = hard

貨 (ka) = treasure


Sample Sentence:


Kūkō de, amerika doru kara nihon en ni ryōgae o o-negai shita.

I requested to have American dollars exchanged into Japanese yen at the airport.

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Taken on November 24, 2009