Escape the Heat !! BBQ Party 2010
Team ASAHI NIHONGO and RITTER SCHOOL prepared and organized an amazing BBQ party at the beautiful beach of Fukuma. Pantai Bangus, a really experienced and well organized marine sports shop was the host of this awesome party.
On a hot and sunny day on the 19th of July, nearly 60 of our students, guests, and staff gathered together to share experiences, anecdotes and languages as everyone mingled, ate, and drank under the hot sun of Fukuoka. Some of us went for a swim, others tried the interesting sport of stand-up paddling for first time , others went on a banana boat ride, and most of us learned and practiced the beautiful dance of Salsa. After a short rain shower, and before the sunset we all posed together to print this memorable moment in a picture, so we will remember this day forever!
Thanks everyone! We had a fabulous time!
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