Gamagori Buddha
The Statue of Koyasu-Daishi sits on the top of Mount Kobo. The 100-foot-high statue rises into the sky looking down on the whole Mikawa area with benevolence. Religious people in Nagoya began to build it in the spring of 1934. After five years it was completed and dedicated. There is a story: when he was pursuing his way in Shikoku, a sacred island, the preist Koyasu met a women who was in a difficult labor and he saved her life and her baby's by prayer, Since then, the statue holding a child in it's arms is called Koyasu-Daishi and it is believed to posses divine powers of conception, an easy labor, and good health. Kukai, Koyasu-Daishi, founded the secrective sect called Shingon-Syu, a kind of Buddhism. He would be a counterpart of Christ in the western world.

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