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Happiness in a seashell - Queen Charlotte Island 's / Haida Gwaii

Take a seashell , take a bit of happiness …. beach with the view of Alaska , on the horizon - couple with the dog … sound of the waves , light breeze and bucket full of colors … this is my beach . Quiet , no smell of sunscreen , cheap food and beer … no vendors with trinkets made half a world away … this is my beach.

Where I grew up ( south-western Poland ) it was far away from the sea and I only seen Baltic few times. After Greece and now half of my life in Vancouver , I can't imagine living away from the see. Ocean has something , it could be that defiant line of different dimension that is not easy to cross .


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See where this picture was taken, west of Masset , Queen Charlotte Islands / Haida Gwaii , BC , Canada [?]

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Taken on April 14, 2010