Axe Rings
The “Axe Ring” line symbolises the fight for survival, of gaining something, and opening the way in our difficult life. For me they have an especially personal meaning. I worked a lot in the forest and fields with animals, and the axe, hacker, hoe and other tools are the tools and symbols of struggling for life. My axe rings are not meant to hurt anyone. (Just as my poison rings are not meant to kill anyone or to make them sick.) They have symbolic power, like an amulet. The experience of wearing them - the shape, the material, the touch, the smell, and the weight - gives one strength to carry out positive and creative things, or if so desired, negative. That’s not my responsibility anymore, but it still doesn’t mean to punch someone in the head! The fact that the axe rings are made of solid metal, they really do have an edge, gives a prickly feeling, but most of all, like most jewellery should, they look and feel good.
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