Memorias Grabadas/Buscando America
In Buscando América (In Ssearch of America) Jan brought together research she carried out in Latin America to challenge the Scottish perception of "America" and to build a bridge between popular culture in Latin America and Scotland. This involved field trips to Cuba, Mexico and Central America.

In Cuba Jan carried out field trips where she met, photographed and recorded interviews with veteran Cuban musicians. She sought out singers and musicians who played many of the genres peculiar to Cuba: son, guajira music, danzón, the cycles of rumba, charanga, trova, changuí and the sacred drum music of Santería. She interviewed numerous musicians including Compay Segundo (Francisco Repilado), Reinaldo Hierrezuelo and Tito Gómez.

During numerous visits to Mexico Jan researched Mexican popular art through its artisans and she also linked this to the Mexican calendar of fiestas. The other strand to the project looked at human rights and was essentially the beginning of the Green Gold banana workers’ project.

The body of work that came from the project was a series of woodcut/collage portraits and photographs of Mexican and Cuban musicians and artisans from Central and Southern Mexico. Jan very deliberately choose to the medium of woodcut as is was a way of working widely favoured in Latin America (Leopoldo Méndez, Guadalupe Posada), especially in post-revolutionary Mexico. Jan used this technique and mixed it with collage and paint and incorporated fragments from song lyrics and conversations. The work was exhibited at various exhibitions, including The Fringe Gallery, Glasgow, and Out of the Blue, Edinburgh. The exhibitions also featured installation and Jan’s first foray into moving image in her edited footage from the San Isidro Labrador fiesta (Dia de los Locos) and of the Soteno family, tree of life artists from Metepec, Mexico. The poet Gerry Loose was a contributor to one of the exhibition events.
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