Jan Nimmo Suzani Project with The Medical Foundation and Open Museum, Glasgow
This project was carried out at The Medical Foundation, Glasgow in collaboration with Glasgow Open Museum in Nov/Dec 2008. I facilitated a series of textile workshops with a group of women who had been the victims of torture. The idea behind the project was that the women would look at Suzanis in the Glasgow Museums' Collection These Suzanis were embroidered textiles made by women as a gift for brides in Central Asia These textiles were to inspire the women in our group would make a Suzani as a gift to themselves. The women worked from still lives and using collage they were able to plan what they were going to make as their textile piece - a mixture of collage and stitching - each woman contributed a panel to the Suzani. The finished work was displayed at the Burrel Collection, Glasgow and was used as the background for story telling sessions.

Jan Nimmo
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