Being Derrida
Janice Perry
Being Derrida

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Being Derrida: a live performance/installation that embodies a philosophical concept to make ideas more accessible to audiences and encourages interaction by audiences. In this case the concept is Deconstruction.

Being Derrida integrates practice, theory, live performance and installation, it reflects and embodies Jacques Derrida's ideas through technology, memory, physical engagement, re-creation, and synchronization.

Derrida and I move together in a deconstructive dance that illustrates and reflects the remarks on the myth of Echo and Narcissus, Self and Other, and Being that are made in my projected deconstruction of the documentary "Derrida."

Objects resembling those in the videos (a phone, knife, jar of honey, pile of books, etc) lie on a table at the side. I invite the audience to physically engage with Derrida, to watch and imitate the looped videos. The audience re-creates Derrida’s movements (talking into a phone, handling a knife, moving books, etc. in sync with the videos) as a way of approaching Derrida’s work—to “be Derrida" and part of the installation.

These photographs are stills from a video montage representing proportional sizes of two separate video screens used in live performance/installation, and demonstrates embodiment of Derrida's ideas as well as the man himself.

Also included in this set are documentation stills of an early installation of the work and of audiences moving in response to the work.
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