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oh what's this we have here!

I've been kicking this chart around for a little while, and I wanted to stitch it up for Elinor's contest, but quickly threw in the towel because my KP design (forthcoming!!) really needed to get done first, and oh there's that graduate school thing, and bla bla bla. But when E announced that she was extending the deadline it suddenly seemed much more do-able. I could definitely finish the socks by 5/21 - not so sure about writing and formatting the pattern, so we'll see. I'm leaving it up in the air.


So what I've got here is a leg, obviously, and I'm debating about heels. I would really, really prefer a heel flap, and I'm considering exactly how cruel and unusual it is to make someone purl in stranded colorwork, if it's maybe not so bad because a heel flap is pretty small and thus the chances of the knitter surviving are higher, or if I should try to fake it in some way involving slipped stitches. What you can't see here is that the back of the sock has several vertical stripes that I'd like to maintain, so doing this with slipped stitches wouldn't be too hard - just not as nice. Anyway, that's where I'm at.


Oh and yarn! The white is koigu kpm and the orange is brooklyn handspun in lil pumpkin. I am LOVING the BH. It was a gift from Sharon when she came through Chicago last year and I'm so glad I can finally put it to good use!


Gauge - 7.5 sts / inch


Oh and let's just all ignore the huge wads of cat hair stuck to my tights. Most of us know about animal hair and tights, and I tried to clone it all out but it ended up looking like half my foot was in another dimension so I just left it that way.

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Taken on April 13, 2010