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77 - breakfast pizza for dinner

I don't know why the idea of breakfast pizza had never occurred to me before, but when I read about it on Smitten Kitchen I absolutely had to try it. I mean, there is no food that I would not like better with an egg. And bacon for that matter.


The only trouble we really had with this is that getting 3 raw eggs to stay on top of a 10" pizza while you put it in the oven is HARD. 10" isn't a lot of space for 3 eggs, and those suckers really want to roll off the sides of the pizza. We managed to get them in the oven safely, but then when the baking sheet shifted as it got warmer one of the eggs kind of fell to the side and ended up cooking to the edge of the crust. It's no big deal, but it wasn't really aesthetically pleasing. (And that's why the back of the pizza is cropped out of this shot.)


This shot is obviously before I sprinkled on the herbs. See a piece with herbs below.

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Taken on March 16, 2010