77 - breakfast pizza for dinner

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    I don't know why the idea of breakfast pizza had never occurred to me before, but when I read about it on Smitten Kitchen I absolutely had to try it. I mean, there is no food that I would not like better with an egg. And bacon for that matter.

    The only trouble we really had with this is that getting 3 raw eggs to stay on top of a 10" pizza while you put it in the oven is HARD. 10" isn't a lot of space for 3 eggs, and those suckers really want to roll off the sides of the pizza. We managed to get them in the oven safely, but then when the baking sheet shifted as it got warmer one of the eggs kind of fell to the side and ended up cooking to the edge of the crust. It's no big deal, but it wasn't really aesthetically pleasing. (And that's why the back of the pizza is cropped out of this shot.)

    This shot is obviously before I sprinkled on the herbs. See a piece with herbs below.

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    1. juli*ette 60 months ago | reply

      YUM! what a cool idea. & it looks wonderful with the herbs in the second shot!

    2. gimmesanity 60 months ago | reply

      Oh, nom.
      I'm totally making this this weekend.

    3. driftingdust 60 months ago | reply

      the slice looks really yummy and colorful too...

    4. NeitherHIpNorFunky 60 months ago | reply

      this looks sooooooo good

    5. lauren*o 60 months ago | reply

      it IS raw scallion! And I believe raw red onion as well. They were the perfect flavors to cut through the cheese-cheese-egg-bacon.

    6. phetre 60 months ago | reply

      Scallion and shallot, actually. And let's just ignore my lazy, crappy scallion-slicing attempt—I didn't know it was going on the Internet!
      That's definitely a good strategy for regular pizza. We thought about doing that for this, but the eggs were so precarious that they probably would have fallen off in the transfer anyway. If we hadn't used the crappy, warpy baking sheet, I think we would have been fine.

    7. mintyfreshflavor 60 months ago | reply

      phetre said:

      I didn't know it was going on the Internet!

      Isn't it assumed by now? I mean really. You should be doing everything picture-perfect at all times, Peto.

    8. phetre 60 months ago | reply

      Aaaaaa—the pressure of celebrity! I NEVER WANTED THIS!

    9. e_to_the_m 60 months ago | reply

      I saw this recipe and have been dying to try it. I hear all breakfast food but especially eggs.

    10. mintyfreshflavor 60 months ago | reply

      it's the price of greatness, peto. the price of greatness.

    11. Yarny Old Kim 60 months ago | reply

      Brilliant! Breakfast pizza is something I must try.

    12. fog and swell 60 months ago | reply

      yum. there's also a great breakfast pizza recipe in the Big Sur Bakery cookbook. not sure if there's a way to create more of an edge to your crust to hold things like the egg in?

    13. that blonde girl 60 months ago | reply

      Oh man. Ryan has been trying to get me to put eggs on a pizza for years now. I may have just been convinced.

    14. lauren*o 60 months ago | reply

      You know, I bet there is a way, and also my husband pointed out to me that I actually made these crusts smaller than the recipe says to. Pizza crusts are not my forte! And it turns out the recipe on smitten kitchen is "adapted" from the Big Sur one.

    15. just maryse 60 months ago | reply

      this is really lovely.

    16. S. J. Pajonas (spajonas) 60 months ago | reply

      omg, i want this right now.

    17. Nonnahs* 60 months ago | reply

      Shut up! That looks so freaking delish!

    18. Drew Vinciguerra 60 months ago | reply

      Wow that looks awesome. I'm going to try that and post it to my pizza blog. theresaanddrew.blogspot.com/

    19. mikomiao 60 months ago | reply

      i clearly haven't visited your stream in too long. how did I miss this goodness?

    20. sao.mai 60 months ago | reply

      that looks so effing delicious!! yum! i love pizza, i love eggs. WIN!

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