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Hi, I'm Lauren! And I love protein.

So I've been struggling to come up with something to do for a "Hi, I'm..." video for a little while now. At first I thought I'd show off my favorite video games, but no matter how hard I tried I could not keep that under a minute and a half. Then I tried just talking and saying who I am and what I do, but it was really painfully awkward and then I would start cursing a lot, and I would like to submit it to the "Hi, I'm..." group and respect the desire for clean language in that group. Then I posted this shot of my poached egg and when Minty started cursing my name I thought it would be fun to make a video of this, and use it as an excuse to blog this great dish I semi-made up and have been eating a lot of lately. (Too much, really.) So here I am introducing myself and poaching an egg! You can check out the whole dish written up right over here, and please do because there's a few things I forget to mention in the video, like the vinegar in the water, etc. Enjoy!

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Uploaded on March 3, 2009