tapestry cowl

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Yes, I'm blogging again. This is the latest on my tapestry cowl.

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  1. kelp! 78 months ago | reply

    Pretty! But I should tell that to the the blog, right?

  2. lauren*o 78 months ago | reply

    HA. Yeah, cause the blog knit this cowl. But I get to wear it.

  3. cauchy09 78 months ago | reply

    oh, you're almost done! cute shot, too.

  4. zigeunerweisen 78 months ago | reply

    Oooh, it looks great!

  5. earthchick 78 months ago | reply

    Oh WOW, I love these colors.

  6. berthacrowley 78 months ago | reply

    Oh man, I especially love the contrasting color you're using here!

  7. rosie.ok 78 months ago | reply

    that's gorgeous. can't wait to see it finished :D

  8. that blonde girl 78 months ago | reply

    Ooooh. Pretty. And festive!

  9. salvagekat 78 months ago | reply

    um, firstly awesome knitted thing - I am stealing it. secondly, I dig the blog. thirdly, we are getting together in the next two days.

  10. aswim in knits 78 months ago | reply

    Nice color choices!

  11. FlimmerGlimmer 78 months ago | reply

    Very pretty cowl - and your look is awesome.

  12. carrieoke13 78 months ago | reply

    this. is. beautiful.

  13. MiniLaura 78 months ago | reply

    Your cowl is coming along great. Mine is stalled about to be frogged.

  14. N.Fallon.Design.Studio 78 months ago | reply

    looks good. funny shot

  15. mintyfreshflavor 78 months ago | reply

    I'm rather amazed that I must have been so very focused on work that I missed this yesterday. Because I'd have jumped all over saying how gorgeous it is and how close to done you are! Love!

  16. e_to_the_m 78 months ago | reply

    Totally love it!

  17. SassyLeo 78 months ago | reply

    how did i miss this pic? it looks great!

  18. NeitherHIpNorFunky 77 months ago | reply

    I just saw this one. I took a similar shot last summer.

  19. lauren*o 77 months ago | reply

    whoa, super similar! I love that we're in similar states of "I WANT TO FINISH THIS!" in both cases.

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