Future of Waterfowl Conservation Workshop 2016
Connecting the next generation of waterfowl conservationists, biologists, and aviculturists.
The IWWA's inaugural Future of Waterfowl Conservation Workshop was held at the Sylvan Heights Bird Park in Scotland Neck, North Carolina USA. Over 65 young waterfowl conservationists and enthusiasts from across the United States, Europe, Canada and Brazil joined together to discuss topics such as captive propagation, verterinary care, education and conservation. The Future of Waterfowl Conservation Workshop developed out of the need for a forum for up and coming waterfowl conservationists to come together to discuss pertinent and timely topics relating to waterfowl in captivity and in the wild, particularly rare and endangered species. The initial response was overwhelmingly positive and we quickly ran out of room. We are hopeful that the Future of Waterfowl Conservation Workshops continue and many more will be able to join us in the coming years.
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