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my 80's deathrock days - 1980's | by Jane in Catland - ON TEMP. BREAK
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my 80's deathrock days - 1980's

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me - in my mid teens - during my "Death Rock" days.


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Deathrock (otherwise known as "Batcave" or "Darkwave") was the term for that style and music during the 80's. 'gloom and doom'. lol.


big ratted out dyed black hair, leather jacket (in this pic it was my boyfriend's jacket) lots of black eyeliner and/or lipstick. bands like Skinny Puppy, Bauhaus, Alien Sex Fiend, Christian Death, Specimen, The Cure, etc;... and hanging out in clubs that played that music.


all of which is now called "gothic". my friends and i were "goth" long before Gothic was used a word to describe the music and fashion.


if viewed at Large - there is a small spot on my eye from slight damage to the negative, but other than that, this photo is in really good condition, esp.considering how old it is. i will probabaly crop the picture later to make it a closer and tighter shot.


photo by one of my high school friends, Michelle. taken with my first camera - a Canon AE1. circa mid 80's. and obviously taken before i became a vegan. i only wear *faux* leather jackets now!...


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Taken circa 1987