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283/365 I've nowhere to stand and now nowhere to hide | by Jana Stormanns
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283/365 I've nowhere to stand and now nowhere to hide

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1. I constantly listen to music. If not with my iPod, then in my head.

Speaking of music: I bought the new Kings of Leon album today.

2. I wouldn't call myself a selfish person, because I'm giving everything for my friends, though I easily judge strangers by what they look like. Who doens't ?

3. Everyone thinks of me I'd be so self-confident, so if they got a problem I am the one to solve it because of their miserable lack of dignity and confidence. Sadly, I don't have the problem to tell them quite clearly that I won't do anything for them I am not comfortable with. That makes them think I am the bitch.

4. I'm a kind person. I don't insult people if there isn't anything to insult them for. I like arguing on a high level. It's better than just insulting because you're making them understand what the real problem is.

5. It doesn't bother me to say Fuck. I just rarely use the You.

6. I wish I was skinnier.

7. The only person who really likes our Geography teacher is me. He's funny.

8. ten facts are hard to tell right out of my head.

9. I loooove eating and I love doing sports. My favourite food: Bread :)) No joke!

10. My final 365 will be taken on holiday. At the sea somewhere. I am STOKED and so THRILLED.. now already :o !


Johanna it's your Ten Facts turn! ;)

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Taken on February 5, 2011