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Order 66 (Dark Times RPG) | by Jan, the Creator
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Order 66 (Dark Times RPG)

- This is CTT-5397, we... We found the Jedi! I repeat, we found the Jedi!


*Blaster shots*

Jedi reflects all shots towards the clones


- Aaagh... He's escpaing into the Temple ruins! We'll try to pin him down in that maze!


*Com-link beep*


- Trooper, hold on. We're sending backup. We can't let that traitor escape!


- He's in rage!! Half our men is gone... No... No, not me... Aaaaghhhh...




*Lightsaber switching off*




- I will find you. All. Then, I will slice you piece by piece after what you did to my padawan.



Dark Times RPG is back.


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Taken on October 8, 2019