• I read like 200 pages and got so scared I stopped. I couldn't sleep for a few nights. It's really scary.
  • Never read all the books in this series but I'm going to!
  • I just seem to like to collect meg cabot books. I feel very very sad that I did not get her autograph when she was here.
  • Shopaholic!!! :D :D :D
  • I know, I'm one of those people who love harry potter!
  • This book. What can I say. I like it and I can't wait for the movie. But I don't like the rest of the books in the series especially breaking dawn.
  • One of the best books ever written!
  • I love this book a lot! I finished it in 2 hours because it was so nice I couldn't stop. But the ending was sad):
  • I bought Eldest and couldn't be bothered to finish it. I don't really like this series :l
  • Cecelia Ahern must be a genius to write such a good book. I bet a lot of people cried reading this book.
  • I love every part of this book except the ending because both of them died. I really wanted them both to finally be able to get married after so many years of hardship and sadness. They did so much for the love they had for each other so it was really sad that they couldn't be together!
  • I think my fave from the series is Eclipse. :x - xdesx
  • How sad :( - max_wedge
  • read 'em all. :D - max_wedge
  • the size of the book scares me. so thick ._.
  • Saw the movie and read the book as well. I cried. )'= - trang quynh nguyen
  • I read this one. I don't like it a lot but it still is a good book :) - trang quynh nguyen
  • Genius! - trang quynh nguyen
  • PERFECTT!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE THIS BOOK! I love Rebecca Bloomwood! - trang quynh nguyen
  • C.S Lewis is amazing. - trang quynh nguyen
  • I studied this for Literature for my 'O's. - Octoberlings
  • Yeaaaahhhh!!! - Octoberlings
  • love this book, read it in one day !:D - ragnhildur.sara
  • love the movie, have yet to read the book though! i need to soon. - lets_exist
  • freaking love this book:] - lets_exist
  • agreed, - Garrett Griner
  • series was really interesting . - Garrett Griner
  • never really got into the series, I do like "the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe though, and I really enjoyed the movie - Garrett Griner
  • I hate the movie, I mean...not like I hate it because it's bad. Its just so depressing and seems so real. =/ ahhahah - Garrett Griner
  • so good! : D - { ashley }
  • best book ever ! i'm so excited for the movie ! only two more days!
    :D - trèsroc!
  • i got her autograph. you can have mine! i dont really like her anymore. :/ - miche m.
  • Yeah it's massive. Lord of the Rings, I tried but never did finish. Only got half way through second book LOL - max_wedge
  • O level is OVER. haha freedom to you :D I'm not doing literature next year, sadly):
  • horse and his boy, is love.
    it's my favourite of them all. :D - ben.doo.dat
  • love this book! :) - brucie_ate_sammy
  • best book EVER - caitlin isobel warren
  • we're reading it in in english. pretty good. - caitlin isobel warren
  • so sweet. love the film. - caitlin isobel warren
  • ahhh, me too. weird print. - caitlin isobel warren
  • i think everyone does, but some people don't want to admit it! ;D - conτιnuum
  • i read a lot of the series when i was young, but i didn't really like them. i think you have to be a certain age to pick up all of the aspects. - conτιnuum
  • This book = my life. - Sarah Brayton
  • i like twilight best :D - RMBMBMB
  • i have all of these books except the historian and agree with basically everything you wroteeeee

    weird huh [:
    xo - catsandpigeons
  • great minds think alike!
  • harry potter = best - cconstructivechaos

Light reading. The lightest of them all.

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I like to read. Wait, no, I love to read!
These books belong to my sister and I. Some books people should know about and are popular :D

I think one of the main reasons why a person is creative is because they read books.
It has been proven in researches on how reading and television affects young minds to think a certain way.
I wrote an essay on this before but the content is kinda sensitive so I don't think I'm going to go in debt.

I thank my mother for not letting me watch a lot of television programmes when I was a kid and forced me to read and told me very original bedtime stories. All these somehow trained my brain to have very vivid imagination. I find it fun because when I'm bored or can't sleep, I can just start imaging about things. It's like watching television in your head and you can never get bored of the programme because you're the director, producer and actor. Haha.
Now, I think I can live without television but I do enjoy it's company at time :D

My best friend, Shirlene, helped me with the title. I couldn't decide on one.

I'm really tired right now. Dance training today drained me of my energy.
Ah, I love this picture.

I should post a line of what song I'm listening to since I'm listening to a CD right now :D
Another girl another planet- Blink 182

They rock :D

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  1. jessica*kate 65 months ago | reply

    I totally agree with you, on all the books. I love Harry Potter and Twilight, but every other book in Twilight sucks. But Harry Potter is the best series ever!! can't be beat... And I didn't even finish the first Eragon book I hated it so much. so boring... blah blah blah...

  2. Sarah Brayton 65 months ago | reply

    Oooh,me too.
    I'm always reading :D.

  3. elephants. 65 months ago | reply

    oh, twilight <3


  4. Captivating, Inc. 63 months ago | reply

    Thats a kewl shot!!!

  5. ~ Caracat ~ 63 months ago | reply

    bookworm :x
    OMG, twilight, PS I love u :x
    Shopaholic :x
    I have 5 of these books above ^^

  6. Siobhan Aisling Eardley 61 months ago | reply

    Great picturrree, love the whole thing, books are my life

    spotted twilight immediatly in love with that book

  7. Serena Joyce 61 months ago | reply

    i love twilight!

  8. Ameh Beckett 61 months ago | reply

    Oh my god! is soo awsome,
    I love Twilight, Harry potter and
    Narnia hahaha :) I love it, great work.

  9. cconstructivechaos [deleted] 60 months ago | reply

    cool photo!

    the curious incident of the dog in the night time has to be one of the best books i've ever read.



  10. shutterbug <3 60 months ago | reply

    oh my god ^^ I agree with every single line you wrote =) I always tell my friends books are much better than any movie can be. Since the day I figured out my love for novels, I haven't watched TV except for some glimpses of concerts or video clips.

    Harry Potter is the best! J.K. is an absolute genius! You probably should know that Dumbledore is my problem-solving role model ^^

    Anyway, I love this photo! The combination is perfect & I love the greenness of the wall, it colors up the photo =) Great work here!

  11. Drew Tuá 59 months ago | reply

    Can you say me the titles of the book?
    i can see
    -Harry Potter

    I recomend you:
    -Let the right one in

  12. maria_rassie 59 months ago | reply

    i want to recomend you a book!

    a million little pieces - james frey

    im in love with that book.

  13. jamwithsand 59 months ago | reply

    I'm reading Coraline halfway :D
    Neil Gaiman is probably the biggest inspiration behind most of my ideas(:

  14. Becky Jacombs 54 months ago | reply

    great book taste :)

  15. nurulhudamatrusdi 54 months ago | reply

    Ive been wanting to get Meg Cabot's book : Airhead !
    Haven't find it yet :((

    Twilight <3
    p.s I Love You are so amazing, I love that book ! The movie is way way different .
    and shopaholic ! <3

  16. Cream Cheese Lotus 53 months ago | reply

    i LOVE this photo! great idea!

  17. nvanspronsen 53 months ago | reply

    you got good taste :P :D

  18. Prïncess ElyOn 52 months ago | reply

    <3333 them .. Great Shot by the way

  19. .e.m.m.u. 52 months ago | reply

    The House of the Scorpion - by Nancy Farmer = VERY good book. I've read it three times and highly recommend it. Please read it! I convinced my friend, Emma, to read it & she loved itt!!

  20. JuliannaSteffens 49 months ago | reply

    Hello, I have a group called Chick Lit Books!, and loved to see your pic on them!

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