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Peeper on a leaf - tight crop

I took a solo ramble in the Caldwell Lake area yesterday, and came upon a brief wave of emerging spring peeper froglets at the beaver pond. These tiny treefrogs are almost never seen, but they're a big part of our soundscape in the spring. At this age, they could sit comfortably on your smallest fingernail. Note the vestigial tail. The X on its back is the species' signature.


After getting these shots, I realized that my camera's control wheel had been bumped to "Digital Vari-Program: Night Landscape" while I scrambled through the timber to get a decent angle and focusing distance. Odious name (fire Nikon's copywriter!), odious lockless control wheel (fire Nikon's designer!), odious incompetent photographer (heck, fire me).


In spite of that, the image came out reasonably well.

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Taken on July 4, 2006