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The Japanese American National Museum is pleased to share these photo albums of the Allen Hendershott Eaton Collection of Japanese American art and artifacts. JANM acquired the collection after the Japanese American community and its friends rallied together to halt a public auction in 2015. These images were taken by JANM prior to the start of necessary conservation work.

Do you know something about an artifact you see here? Please share the information in the comments field for that item. (You must have or create a Yahoo account to post comments.)

These images are for viewing and sharing for non-commercial purposes only. For other uses, please contact collections@janm.org.

We apologize that some items have tape and/or stickers on them. This is the condition in which the museum received the artifacts. These will be removed from the artifacts by professional conservators, who will ensure no further damage is done to the artifacts, as part of the conservation process.