• I am still trying to see the rabit and the man's face to add a note and show everyone where they are, but i cannot.... Someone?
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In Japan people say they see a rabit making mochi (a kind of Japanese food). In the US I know they see the face of a man... In Brazil we dont see anything in it but we know that there is a Saint that fights against the Devil.... What do you see?
And a curiosity, did you know that we always see only one face of the moon? We never see the other side of it because the movement of the earth combined with the moon's just make it impossible (even thogh both spin around themselves)....

*Wanna a large version? Try my friend gtj-45! www.flickr.com/photos/56118141@N00/62909510/
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Ok, so lets get to the facts...
If you are lazy to have a look at the EXIF, here it goes....
ISO 64, 1/1200, 3.2, hard sharpness, zoom optical of 10X, cropped to this size.
It is incredible how in I thought the moon was such a poor light-shining thing at first. I begun with exposures of 2 sec for it was a photography at night, in the first place. Results, whithe shining bulb as though I took a shot of the lamp of the kitchen..
After many attemps and WB changes, i got this nice shot.... Not that ncie for unfortunately I ahve oly 10X of optical and didnt want to use digital zoom here, although I think a bit of it would have been welcomed...

  1. nonameplayer 102 months ago | reply

    really nice photo!

  2. Gale's Photographs 102 months ago | reply

    Thats great almost the same as mine.......or should I say it is the same, well same moon.lol

  3. Greg7 102 months ago | reply

    Oh, there it is! Good one Jamil! I can't see those things either. The Japanese people have some cute ideas.

  4. -bartimaeus- 102 months ago | reply

    Thanks both! I am very pleased you both have come to see the moon.... Even if you can just look up in the night and see it...

    And Dean, thanks for showing where the face is supposed to be but even with your clue I cannot see it... I will try again later!

  5. Kazooot 102 months ago | reply

    I see the rabbit. An eye below two dark ears and a nose. The cow jumped over the moon, but the poor rabbit landed smack on the moon.

  6. Gale's Photographs 102 months ago | reply

    Thanks -bartimaeus- for doing that link very kind...

  7. Singingpixel aka Suze Stern 102 months ago | reply

    Wooooow. How did you take this?

    Re "Paper Flowers"--I didn't make them. I got them from a store that sells novelties, so I don't know their provenance--most likely Japan, though. They fold up like little accordions on popsicle sticks.

    I put them around the house on Mayday and they are long overdue for being put away--but the weather is so gray here that I think I will leave them around for color. :-)

  8. -bartimaeus- 102 months ago | reply

    @Mr K! Thanks for cominga nd give the pleasure of your comment!

    @gtj-45, no prob! So that they will all compare mooms...

    @singingpixel, yes, my took the pic... You should try with your zoom. Just to test it.

    Thanks all for coming!

  9. pearl grace 102 months ago | reply

    WOW! fantastic!
    excellent shot of the moon! very impressive!

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