Daily Shoes Project
Perspectives are countless. Changes are constant.

In March 2013, I walked out my front door to find someone had tossed a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor shoes over the power line next door.

Of course, as an obsessed photographer, I took a photo of the shoes that morning. And then one snowy day a few days later I took another photograph...one that was completely different from the first.

It was then that an interesting idea began to form...
This is my photo project: The Daily Shoes.

It represents a challenge I have set for myself: through shooting one singular subject every day, I am challenging myself to find a way to see things differently, to consciously look at life through a different set of eyes each day, with a fresh perspective. It has been incredibly challenging, interesting and satisfying to work within the restraints of this project and I look forward to seeing how far I can take it. :)

Thanks for joining along in this photographic journey!

"Change is the only constant" - Heraclitus
“What we see depends mainly on what we look for.” - John Lubbock
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