• Deep fried pickles. Also very good.
  • Onion rings. Very good.
  • Blue cheese sauce for the pickles. Very good too.

Meat Liquor (nee Easy, nee Wagon)

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No plates.

We went back again last night. Those pickles are so good. The "dirty" chicken burger was surprisingly good too.

Let's talk about plagiarism.


  1. Larry Carr 29 months ago | reply

    Delicious! btw you've made the lighting look good, I wish it were so.

  2. Squid Forty-Seven [deleted] 23 months ago | reply

    Yeah, the first sentence of that article is very ironic.

  3. mitsuguyus 23 months ago | reply

    You may wish to make one edit to the following word.

    Plagiarism is a bitch.

    - Anonymous Coward from Slashdot

  4. E Jennings - offline in protest 23 months ago | reply

    Also seen on Slashdot: how do you find out if your pictures have been stolen?

  5. Jamie Kitson 23 months ago | reply

    You can paste a URL or drag and image onto Google Image Search. There are also some specific websites, I think tineye.com is one.

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