2010 GHT1 Upper Mustang
The best. Wow, the most amazing trek, trekkers and logistics - thanks to everyone involved!

And everyone summitted the 6328m Saribung too! Here are some random thoughts.

Lee Ann's sharp wit delighted us, eg about a few bloody bits on a rock after we witnessed with slight horror a trail side yak castration, "Those are his brains." And she should know, her husband is a vet.

Celesta entertained us with comments easily misconstrued - or does she have a Freudian tongue? And even with 42 days trekking she didn't get the perfect night shot so might have to return?

But seriously, this was an ambitious first trek, well done!

I am not quite sure what the crew thought; Shosh got us all groaning , moaning and ooh-ing, in dining tent orgies of stretching and massage, and after working out the hard way that flipflops and cow dung don't mix, enjoyed the expedition-style trek.

And appreciative Paul, Saribung was his first Himalayan peak after beginning to trek here over 30 years ago. At at 71 years old, a tough trekker. As for the rest of the team... Never mind that Paul (71) was the fittest of us all, it was further humbling to realize the barefoot 80 year old man with one good eye did beat us on the 100m? (vertical) descent and ascent from Singlha to Laprak. If we had taken less photo breaks we might - might - have been able to keep up!
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