2013 Upper Mustang Exploration
Nepal’s Upper Mustang trek is always rated as one of the best, its desert land of stark yet colourful vistas, fantastical canyons and rich gompas all seem to blend so well. Although it now makes a good 2 week teahouse trek (which we can arrange) our western-led trips up there are to explore the region, track down the last traditional pastoral nomads of Nepal, explore remote trails and rich gompas, and on some trips, also explore 6000m peaks.

Here are photos from Jamie’s 2013 Upper Mustang Exploration where we planned to explore the eastern region and climb the 6000m Gaugiri Peak, alas conditions conspired against us.

I felt like we were deciphering a treasure map so exploring around Upper Mustang turned out to be a slightly frustrating experience for some, fun for others. Essentially we could not easily get to the peak, and on a backup area we bailed just as it started to get interesting (or frustrating, depending on your point of view). We have added a few more trails to the maps (literally) to an area that is surprisingly under-explored, at the very least.
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