2012 GHT Wild West
Wow, Project Himalaya were the very FIRST trekkers to successfully traverse from Darchula to Simikot, staying in Nepal!

Currently the Great Himalaya Trail (GHT) Nepal section fancifully heads to Simikot and Kailash then back into India, which isn’t going to be possible any time soon. There should be a way though, to traverse from Simikot to Darchula, staying high amid the mountains (rather than the low cultural route). Several sets of friends failed to find a way though, some multiple times, due to weather or ending up in Tibet. Locals don’t traverse the area, at least not in entirety, so what we accomplished really was a real exploration first – and it felt like it!

Darchula to Ghajir was surprisingly enjoyable, sometimes sweaty trekking, but steep, green and scenic country. From Ghajir to Simikot ended up being 12 days without villages (a record in Nepal?), and through wild country with delightful remote area camping. Without local guides for part of it, we found the route but there are a couple of passes where, after looking back, there are less difficult ways through.

A huge thanks to the superhero porters and to the all star crew, and to the team and especially to Jeff and Peter who soldiered on with blisters and a broken finger. It will be a trek that lingers in everyone’s memories :)
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