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Imlek 2000: Dharma Bhakti Temple

I've uploaded this footage before but in three seperate parts. I thought it'd be good to show it as a whole.


In Indonesia in 2000 newly elected President Wahid abolished the ban on public displays of Chinese culture which had been in force since the early 1960s. This meant that for Chinese Indonesians 2000 was especially auspicious, as not only was it the year of the Metal Dragon, but for the first time in decades they could practise their Imlek celebrations freely, without the need of a permit. They flocked to their temples in their hundreds of thousands.


Vihara Dharma Bhakti, also known as 金德院 (Mandarin Jīn dé yuàn or Hokkien Kim Tek Ie), is a klenteng (a local term for a Chinese temple) located in the China Town neighborhood of Glodok, Jakarta, Indonesia. Completed in 1650, Vihara Dharma Bhakti is the oldest Chinese temple in Jakarta.


- Wikipedia: Kim Tek Ie Temple


I was saddened to learn while researching this upload that the temple was largely destroyed by fire in 2015.


The 365-year-old Dharma Bhakti Temple burned down in March last year. The fire, which left the temple in ruins, was believed to have been caused by a piece of tarpaulin hanging near candles that caught alight and then spread throughout the main building.


No casualties were reported in the incident, but around 40 sculptures, many of great antiquity, were destroyed.


- Dharma Bhakti Temple to be rebuilt soon


I'm sure it will eventually be rebuilt (after all it's not the first time it's been destroyed by fire) but the feeling of great age which impressed itself upon me as I took this footage will be much harder to restore.


Music: Gregorian Masters of Chant's cover of "Losing My Religion".

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Taken in February 2000