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The Orbs Of Craigavon Bridge ! | by James Whorriskey (Delbert Jackson)
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The Orbs Of Craigavon Bridge !

This is Craigavon Bridge in Derry/Londonderry.


It would be safe to say that there are few people in the City who have not known somebody who perished after jumping from the bridge into The River Foyle.


On Saturday afternoon as the mist over the City cleared to give way to a pleasant Autumnal day, I availed of the opportunity to fire off some shots along the river walkway.


As I took the pictures, I checked both the viewfinder and the live-view to compose the shot. Both showed a clear image on about thirty exposures of Craigavon Bridge using varying settings.


Convinced that I had some fairly nice images, I set off home to process them however I was somewhat disappointed to discover that on every exposure there were large numbers of orbs. Shots taken later that day of Foyle Bridge also contained orbs, but in nowhere near the same volume.


The Foyle Bridge has also claimed the lives of people from the City but in nowhere near the same numbers. I had resigned myself to scrapping these captures and trying again on another day, but then I remembered a debate I'd heard on Orbs. I did a quick search and found the following ...


What Are Orbs?


Orbs are balls of light that are caught on video, film or by digital camera. Some people believe that orbs are spirits and paranormal energies whereas most skeptics believe that orbs are either caused by insects, moisture, dust particles and malfunctioning camera diodes. But can all orbs be explained in this way?


For example researchers who have taken photographs of the hands of healers show that orbs are more likely to appear in photographs when the healer is projecting their spiritual powers.


Similarly, why is it that orbs often appear in photos around the heads of mediums when they are communicating with the dead and what are orbs that appear on photographs taken at spiritually significantly times?


Orbs appear in photographs taken in grave yards, alleged haunted locations and before important life changing events, are these just camera anomalies or is something much stranger going on?


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Taken on October 17, 2009