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Mar 31 2011 [Day 150] "One Of My Best Friends Part 3, Jack-Jack"

One Of My Best friends Part 3, Jack


Jack, or Jack-Jack as I like to call him is the newest addition to our family and though he has been with us for about 4 months, we are just starting to get to know his personality as some of his ‘puppiness’ wears off and he continues to grow.


He is the clown of the family for sure and provides us with many laughs with his flips, pounces and wookie-like growls.


Jack and I may have our moments of frustration with each other over training but I love him the same as I love all my family and I know one day soon we will both come out of training with more love and respect for each other…


Jack is a puppy and I think he will always be a puppy in his heart. He is non-stop full on in your face I am a puppy damn it attitude is only one of the qualities that makes him a welcome part of the family… oh yeah and his too cute for words expressions he gets on his face.


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Taken on March 31, 2011