LEGO Rubik's Cube

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    Made a Bricklink order for another project recently, and they had dice for pennies apiece... so I made a thing. :-)

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    1. .:DarkDragon:. 30 months ago | reply

      Pretty cool. :)

    2. LukeClarenceVan 30 months ago | reply

      Sheer brilliance!

    3. Lego Guy1 30 months ago | reply

      That's awesome!

    4. 'LL' 30 months ago | reply

      I have the same orginal cube, but your version in Lego is much better.

    5. Lazer Blade 30 months ago | reply

      I just ordered all mine for mine! :P Guess you beat me to it. :P

    6. Owen_S. 30 months ago | reply

      I swear it took me at least 5 seconds to realize which one was real.

    7. rasure 30 months ago | reply

      I'm glad someone found a use for them. At 5.5 plates tall, they're mostly useless. If Lego had made them 6 plates tall, they would have been one of the most useful pieces ever.

    8. Pillowpistol 30 months ago | reply

      I agree, ingenious use of a uncommon connection!

    9. Yappen All Day Long 30 months ago | reply

      This is fantastic!

    10. Jameson42 30 months ago | reply

      Thank you, everyone, for all the blog links and nice comments!

    11. KadasBence 30 months ago | reply

      Nice model.. i still hate this toy! : D

    12. General JJ 29 months ago | reply

      Wow, genius!

    13. billbobful 29 months ago | reply

      Damn, that's awesome.

    14. [C]oolcustomguy 5 months ago | reply

      How are the cubes connected?

    15. Jameson42 5 months ago | reply

      Each cube connects to the next with a 1x2 tile on its side. It's simple and works pretty well... there's always someone at each show I take this to that tries to twist a layer, though, which usually makes the whole thing fall apart. The structure is stable as long as you're not twisting it.

    16. [C]oolcustomguy 5 months ago | reply

      Thanks man! Also were can you find the cubes on bricklink I can't find them anywhere.

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