The Grand Library

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    Easily my favorite room of the manor house. You could spend days in this room alone.

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    1. jamescharlick 22 months ago | reply

      I doubt it but I don't know - I'm not in touch with the owner.

      Thanks for the kind comments everyone!

    2. Smaddy 22 months ago | reply

      I would love to have a space like this to store books and read by the fireplace. Sad to see it left to rot.

    3. josepha13 22 months ago | reply

      It gives for stunning images, but oh, does it ever break my heart... Thanks for the pictures!

    4. jamescharlick 22 months ago | reply

      A lot of people seem to be interested in the books themselves. Unfortunately I don't have a close-up of the oldest section of books, but here are a list of the titles / authors I can read from the top shelf of this close up:

      "The Hungry Hills" - x
      "Just Across The Room" - W.R. Calver
      "Gentleman" - John Halifax
      "Suffolk Punch" - George Cross
      "The Palindrome" - x
      "Travelers To The Tower" - Ruth Cobb
      "Dr Claudius" - Marion Crawford
      "Minusforte" - Eric C. Corbould
      "Man Made Miracle" - Theresa Charles
      "Schonbrune" - Cramb
      "Weatherley Parade" - Richmal Crompton
      "Company of Heaven" - x
      "The Honeymoon and A Religious Man" - Richard Chase
      "Leadon Hill" - Richmal Crompton
      "Through The Looking Glass" - Lewis Carroll
      "Alice In Wonderland" - Lewis Carroll
      "The Side of The Angles" - Jean-Louis Curtis
      "The Spirit In The Cage" - Peter Churches
      "The Green Years" - x

      That is the top shelf only, the rest of this unit also appears to be novels. From the pile of older looking books next to or in front of these I can make out:

      "Goethe's Faust"
      what looks like "Cowper's Poems"
      "Inferno Dante"
      "The Ladies of The Covenant"
      "Cowper's Poems II - Tilt's Illustrated Edition"
      "Holy Bible"

      The books on the fireplace include:

      "Comrade Jacob" - David Caute
      "The Concertgoer's Handbook"
      "The Winners" - James Mitchell
      "Waiting For The Night" - Alec Hilton
      "79 Park Avenue" - Harold Robbins
      "The Spy Who Came In From The Cold" - x
      "God Is For Real Man" - Carl Burke
      "The Enchanted Garden" - Iris x

      Again, mostly novels. Other titles from an unpublished close-up taken near the door include:

      "Life Of The Land" - F. Kitchener
      "Julius Caesar" - John Buchan
      "Voltaire" - André Maurois
      "Lenin" - James Maxton
      "Prince Charlie" - Compton Mackenzie
      "A Country Chronicle" - Brian x
      "Good Hunting" - Theodore Roosevelt
      "Readers Digest Condensed Books"
      "The Hands of Esau" - Hiram Haydn
      "White's Junior Student Latin-English Dictionary"
      "Science From An Easy Chair" - Sir Ray Lankester
      "More Science From An Easy Chair" - Sir Ray Lankester
      "Bells & Grass" - W. de la Marr
      "Adventures Among Birds" - x
      "School Method" - Gladman
      "The Elements of Radio Communication" - Trown
      "A Handbook For Horse Owners" - M.R. McTagg...x

      Obviously fewer of these are novels and more are instructional or informational books. The floor was littered with mostly magazines and children's titles, including:

      "Collins Magazine Annual for boys and girls"
      numerous copies of "Picture Post"
      a "TV Times Supplimentary" with the headline "A Nation In Mourning, The Funeral Of Sir Winston Churchill"

      There is also a large selection of John Galsworthy on one shelf, A 10 volume selection of Universal Encyclopedia, and bound volumes of Family Treasury (at least 4).

      I hope that helps some of the book enthusiasts among you.

    5. vzangari 22 months ago | reply

      Faust, Alice in Wonderland, Voltaire?!

      I think I would die, I would have to rescue those books and preserve them all...

      I may consider donating them to a library's special collections department, but I would have to retain a few for myself...this is just too amazing...

      You also have to wonder what the copyright date on the bible is, and wonder if there is family history / genealogies stored there, as so many others had done over the years...

      Amazing and wonderful are blasphemies when compared to this find....there are no words for it, just a sense of awe and wonder and remorse at the loss of such literary treasure...

      Thank you for sharing this with us James....

    6. Sara MacGregor 22 months ago | reply

      Someone should tell the owner to get his act together, what a waste! This should be punishable by law.

    7. izastadnik 21 months ago | reply

      Hi! This is Izabella from tumblr. (the girl you just msg about places in England to shoot)...
      Just thought you should know that this person has posted your photo as their own. Maybe you should contact them?
      I'd want to know if someone was doing this to me, and I couldn't link to it through tumblr, bc your "ask" doesn't allow links, and I don't know how to msg you any other way. Sorry!

    8. jamescharlick 21 months ago | reply

      Hi Izabella, Thanks for letting me know, I've dropped them a message about it. See what happens.

      Thanks for the kind comments everyone!

    9. NightSnapper 21 months ago | reply

      Great picture.

    10. Martin Widlund 21 months ago | reply

      Fantastic shot!

    11. amirmsharifi 19 months ago | reply

      this is a superb subject . great shot.

    12. jamescharlick 19 months ago | reply

      Cheers fellas.

    13. Lilla~Rose 18 months ago | reply

      Such a sad story
      such a wonderful home once upon a time

    14. Mariachi. 16 months ago | reply

      so, so, so, so good!

    15. Samantha Pugsley 16 months ago | reply

      I think I would die if I found a room like this while exploring. Really excellent shot.

    16. Alex Vetri 15 months ago | reply


    17. lewislalala 14 months ago | reply

      It worries me that this was taken so long ago, those books may not have lasted this rather cold winter. I think I'd give anything to be able to contact whoever owns them and buy them in order to save them. ;_; This is some really amazing photography, especially of derelict places, leaves you feeling rather inspired but also hollow.

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